5 Ways to Boost your Blog Traffic

In Blogger or WordPress platform the traffic is more important for getting any success in online. But the search engines are not always giving you traffic in the simple way you need work harder your blog. Also, some other search engines like Yahoo and Bing searches is the better way to increase your traffic but for getting traffic from this sites you need to add your site there. In another way of getting traffic is some country blogging sites these sites are creating the main purpose is exchanging traffics. Mainly if you are interested in generating traffic only from search engines then you need post some interesting and valuable topics that are helping to peoples. In Google search i think all most all are searching some local helping words then you need to post some interesting and popular topics. Also, you can post some topics that your interest you can see the topics getting high traffic in the very short period of time. But some visitors are some other way then the today this other ways are generating high traffic than search engines. Today we are going to discuss how a site getting high traffic in various ways and also you after following this tips you will getting a better result in one month.

1) Facebook Groups

The Facebook is one of the top social network then you can finding your one sharing link in Facebook getting higher comments and likes. Now think if you posting your blog posts link here then imagine your blog post traffic and sharing counts. Before joining any Facebook group read the group description if it’s not similar to your blog then leave this group because you will not get any traffic from this group and join those groups are similar to your blog. But don’t spam any Facebook group comments because it’s taking a bad effect. Also if you have thousands of friends those have known about blog then you can create your own group for promoting your site. If you have technical blog sites you join our site official Facebook group to getting much more traffic.

2) Facebook page

Today the Blog Facebook page is much more traffic generator than Facebook groups. After your Facebook group crossing a hundred likes then you can start getting traffic from your Facebook page but need to update time to time. Also, you can add interesting covers to attract others to visit your site and this method working as an eye-catching method. Also, you can invite some friend before not getting many likes to promoting your page. Also, you can use Facebook page boxes, buttons and links to easily setting likes from readers. Today we are found some sites are giving likes in free of cost but I think this method is not good for getting likes then if you are interested to increase your Facebook likes in a very short period of time then you need to post some interesting and valuable topics.

3) Google Groups

Now Google groups are all most same as other groups but still, we are found that SEO or blogging groups are taking higher score than other groups then you need to join this group to promote your site. This group main reason is to join is after yo promoting your site then its publicly published than other can easily find your blog. Also if you much more friends in Google plus network then you can start your Google group own self to get higher traffic.

4) Website comments

Today the best way of traffic generating is commenting on other popular sites like ProBlogger and other sites. Mainly those sites are getting Google PR more than 3 then these sites are giving you higher traffic than other sites for posting a valuable comment. But many sites are their those are having high traffic but not have any Google page rank but you can comment on there to getting visitors like airways. But always care about creating any backlinks because if you no Google Adsense then its decrease your chances of activating Google Adsense.

5) Guest Posts

One guest post is giving higher traffic because you will get a dofollow backlink then it’s working like a traffic machine. Then you need to post your guest post those sites already have Google page rank higher than Google PR 4 because it’s giving you a better result.

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