Basics knowledge on Height Safety Equipment

Working at heights is one major hazard. This can lead to accidents which are, most of the time, fatal. There are number of lives lost due to falling from heights. Most states have made it compulsory for those working at heights to have height safety equipment. This is the responsibility of the employer. This equipment tends to diminish the high level of risk associated with working at heights. There are different types of height safety equipment and having some information on these can help you make the right choice.

Work positioning equipment is a body belt along with a pole strap. This is commonly used by those climbing towers or poles. With this specific height safety equipment, the worker can have both the hands free to complete a specific task. If a worker has proved his proficiency in climbing, then the employer might not provide this equipment.

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Fall arrest equipment is another type of height safety equipment used by those working on heights. This is available in different forms. This equipment is a safety harness which is outfitted with a lanyard which is shock-absorbent. The rig should be set up in a manner in which the worker does not fall more than 6 feet. This is apt for also construction workers besides the other workers.

Care and Maintenance of Height Safety Equipment

Following are some of the tips listed which can help the height safety equipment last for a longer time without any problems.

1. Drying the Harness: Before storing a harness, you need to ensure this is dried and is away from any chemicals. This eliminates the need of replacing the height safety equipment.

2. Keep away from Chemicals: Storing height safety equipment, you need to ensure that this is at a distance from any chemicals, solvents or petroleum.

3. Cleaning the Equipment: Any height safety equipment used tends to get dirty. All you need to do is use a damp sponge. This can wipe off any type of dirt accumulated.

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Fall Protection Harness

Fall protection harness works as the first line of defense when working at heights. This height safety equipment is available in various types.

  • Personal Fall Arrest Harness: A PFAS (Personal Fall Arrest Harness) can stop a fall decelerating the one who is wearing this. The harness needs to be apt to the job in hand with a combined body and tool weight of at least 310 lbs. There are also harnesses which can support more weight. This needs to be used with a deceleration and anchorage device.
  • Retrieval Harnesses: The retrieval harnesses are height safety equipment which is most commonly used in confined spaces. This is apt for lowering or raising a worker in the work place. This harness increases the efficiency of the worker and distributes evenly the lifting forces.
  • Positioning Harnesses: This height safety equipment is apt for providing freedom to the worker or even positioning him. With this type of harness, the worker can sit back and use both his hands for the required work.
  • Suspension Harnesses: These harnesses are similar to the positioning harness and are most commonly used for painting and window cleaning jobs.

Before you make a choice of any specific height safety equipment you need to consider the quality of the material used. This ensures the safety to the highest degree. Besides this, you can compare the prices of the different manufacturers before you opt for specific height safety equipment. an online search. You need to also go through the different reviews and ratings.

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