Biggest cause of disapproval of AdSense account

Everyone tries hard to get Google AdSense account approval but most of them do some common mistakes and resulted in disapproval of account. In this article I am going to write what wrong they do and how to avoid these common mistakes. These points not only apply for Google AdSense only but also help in your life. So most of these you know but still you indulge yourself in doing these mistakes.


It is the biggest thing that the most of blogger fails to achieve. Listen nobody cannot grab the first position and so much of traffic that fulfill your aim but it needs hard work, months of practice and continuity that will help you in approval of your account. Some bloggers apply for Google AdSense in their early stage that surely will leads to disapproval of account. There are so many of articles written on that for Google AdSense approval you should have:
  1. Sufficient numbers of posts in your blog
  2. Good traffic
  3. Good ALEXA ranking
  4. Good Google Page rank
  5. unique and true content
All these above points need a good practice so have patience all these points are not impossible at all. You can achieve all these. Even there are so many of bloggers written in their blog about this; one of the famous blogger Mr. Amit Aggarwal insisted on patience that you need in writing an article. He told that most of blogger write the articles in first instance and publish that in their blog but they should need patience at this time it is the only initial draft they need two to three times revision on this and then the draft with you have is better one than initial one you have. Even in adsense insisted in patience in the article the qualities needed in a blogger. So I mean to say that you have to keep patience right from starting a blog till to apply for Google AdSense. Patience is needed for template designing, patience to write the article and to publish it and then patience to get the traffic for you blog.

Keep on going

Continuity in your work makes you perfect. No matter how many times you fall down, what the point matters that how fast and hard you rise on that. So keep on going I have seen so many of bloggers who failed initially but they have the capability and they learn the lesson from their downfall and today are the successful blogger and earning a good amount form Google AdSense. So there are no people who not fail in their life. So trying to motivate you that every person is special and they have different IQ levels therefore identify yourself what you are and what you can achieve in your life. Sky is the limit.

Be prepared

See before applying for Google AdSense you read all the terms and conditions set by the Google as they set different policies for different countries. So you must read all these points before applying for Google AdSense. Read all the policies only from Google site don’t rely on any other site as they change their policies time to time. Even before applying for AdSense you should take the help of successful blogger that your blog is right and fit for AdSense approval or not. I am so conscious about this because once your account is disapproved then the changes of approval of account are very rare. Blogger Help Club insisted on this point in their so may of articles. So you should be well prepared before applying for Google AdSense. Form my side ALL THE BEST for you.

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