The Complete Process to Check PNR Status for Train Ticket

PNR or Passenger Name Record is a 10-digit alphanumeric record that is maintained within the computerized databases of the Indian Railway CRS or Computer Reservation System, as well as in the airline industry. This PNR number has all the details of a single or the group of passengers that are travelling on that particular ticket. Out of the 10 digits of the PNR number, the first 3 digits denote the PSR or Passenger Reservation System from where the ticket has been booked. The remaining 7 digits of the number are generated by the computer randomly. The PNR stores all the personal information of the passenger or passengers including name, gender, age, and others.

When you go to a reservation outlet of Indian Railways for booking a railway ticket for a journey, or when you book the ticket online on an app or website, the reservation ticket may be confirmed or maybe waitlisted. As you may be aware that there are only a given number of seats/berths in Indian railway trains, it is not possible for Railways to provide confirmed reservation of berth to each and every passenger.


When a passenger gets the waitlisted ticket he or she often tries to know whether the ticket has been confirmed or not before boarding the train. The unique 10 digit PNR number of the particular ticket can be easily used for knowing whether the ticket has been confirmed. An initially “waitlisted” ticket can be confirmed through RAC or Reservation-After-Cancellation method (where 2 passengers are accommodated on the same berth) or straight away (the passenger gets the complete berth). Indian Railways provide the facility of ticket/reservation confirmation against the passengers that cancel their confirmed reservation berths and seats.

The Location of the PNR Number on the Railway Reservation Ticket

PNR number can be easily located and found on the topmost and “left hand” corner of the ticket. If the reservation ticket has been booked online, the PNR number can be found within the middle-most column that lies at the topmost line.

PNR Status Information

You can use check PNR status and know prior to your journey whether your ticket has been confirmed and you have been allotted a reserved seat/berth by Indian Railways or not. The information will also tell you the given berth/seat number and coach number in which your seat has been confirmed and booked. Therefore even if you get a waitlisted or RAC ticket at the time of ticket booking, you can easily know the current PNR status of your reservation ticket and make a very comfortable and convenient journey.

How to Know the PNR Status

With the growth of users of Internet, computers, smartphones, and other digital gadgets, there are now many unique and different ways through which you can know the live PNR check status of any given reservation ticket. You can know the reservation status of your own ticket as well as the ticket of anyone else including your family, friends, acquaintances, and others. Here are the ways through which you can know the PNR status or position of a given reservation ticket.

Messaging or Sending an SMS

If you do not have mobile or computer near you with which you can access the internet, you can know the PNR status of a given ticket by messaging. All you need is to SMS the given PNR number of the ticket to 5676747 or 139.  The railway CRS or Computer Reservation System will automatically send to you an SMS, which will have the current and live status of your PNR number and reservation ticket.

Checking The PNR Status or Position on The Online Website

Today there are a number of online websites where you can search and know the current PNR status. There is also the official website of the Indian Railways itself, which apart from PNR status can also provide you with the current and live running status of your train. These websites can be accessed through laptop, tablet, computers, and smartphones.


You can easily know the PNR status of your reservation ticket on a number of online apps. The Trainman app is one of the leading apps in this realm. And apart from living PNR status also provides to you PNR status predictions, and gives to you the privilege to book your ticket online through the app itself. You can easily locate the PNR status box on the App, tap on it, and fill in the PNR number to know the real-time status of your reservation ticket.

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Apart from these digital ways, you can also approach railway station near you and know the PNR status at the enquiry and reservation counters. There are also private vendors of railway tickets that can provide you with this information, and you can find these in the area you live.


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