Farms and Good Agricultural Practices

Farms are defined as a piece of land that is used for agricultural practices like, growing crops keeping livestock etc. Farms are very necessary for any country to grow, as they help the country in their import and export plus make food available across the nation, not all country has farms. Farms land require many factors and environmental conditions to maintain its production rate, as growing a living thing requires many vital elements like minerals, vitamins and ions, we as human require many things like we need protein, carbohydrate and fats plus some vitamins and minerals and if the requirement is not full filled we face many difficulties in growth and making of body parts, nobody wants to have abnormalities in itself. Similarly, the plants on which we feed on if don’t get proper minerals and vitamins and ions they will grow abnormally and can’t produce up to mark or expectation. The soil when used again and again for growing crops, than it loses its mineral and ions content, as it is given to crops who have been grown and sold out, but to fill the defect in ions the framers in the past uses animal dung, especially cow dung which when decomposes provides nutrients to the soil, then the soil is ready to sown with seed.

Now as the population has grown immensely the need for crops has increased a lot and to cope with the food raise framers has to sow their seeds quickly. The decomposition of animal dung is a slow process and soil requires nutrients quickly, so to fill the deficit scientist have replaced the cow dung from fertilizers which is a quick source of nutrients as it is the mixture of minerals and ions in powder form plus it has made the growth of crops more easy and efficient.

Fertilizers are made by scientist and its composition differs from one another, as different crops need different nutrients composition to grow well, some elements are necessary for every plant (crops), like Magnesium, nitrogen, carbon etc, but some plants are rich in specific elements like bananas are rich in Potassium hence they require healthy amount of Potassium to grow and produce well, thus the fertilizer must be rich in Potassium to give optimum product yield. Similarly, Apples are rich in Iron and zinc thus the fertilizer chosen must be rich in these elements. There are many Farms for sale in Washington.

To get the proper yield of crops and growth you need to you cope with the advancement I technology to earn well. Earning also require Good Agricultural Practices to satisfy the Quality and Control Department.

Good Agricultural Practices

Good Agricultural Practices main objective is to provide and deliver vegetable, fruits free from any disease or any microbial effects, insecticides and pesticides are used to protect the crops from any damage.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) are voluntary audits that verify that the production, packing, handling and storage of fruit and vegetables are as safe as possible to minimize the risks of microbial hazards and have no compromise on food safety. GAP & GHP audits to verify compliance with the recommendations made in the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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