Finer Opportunities for the Business Development in the Best Manner

The economic crisis has affected many entrepreneurs in recent years. Many entrepreneurs, but also entire sectors, ended up in heavy weather during that period. Several causes could be identified for this, such as entrepreneurs who had lived on too large a footing in the past and, as a result, had too little fat on their bones to survive the crisis. Often the causes lie in a wrong business strategy in the past. Sometimes the problems do not seem to lie with the company itself. There are entire sectors that got into trouble, the business and earnings model of which was quickly outdated. In the past 10 years many companies have been dominated by survival. Incidentally, this did not apply to all entrepreneurs, even in times of crisis there are always opportunities. Now let us delve deep into the Business Strategies.

Important tips for growth or strategic repositioning of the company are:

Define a clear and ambitious spot on the horizon, a beckoning perspective where you have a clear thought and feeling. No air castles, no air bicycling or hot air. But real plans and ideas have come about through passion.

  • Translate the beckoning perspective to concrete goals! Do the latter if there is a long way to go to the final goal!
  • Develop possible and realistic scenarios (scenario planning) to explore what might happen in the future and what the consequences could be! Based on this, you can determine possible adjustment actions based on a PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). You better think of this instead of afterwards.

Look at the commerce, organization and finances. Growing companies (or companies in heavy weather) are often faced with major business challenges. Consider in advance where you can all run into. For example, it is good to go through the scenarios with an independent third party. For the Corporate Strategist this is a very challenging task. Through a fresh look from the outside, the eyes are opened more quickly. Are you aware that the quality of the operational management, the quality of the personnel and the financial foundation are critical success factors for actually realizing the growth (or limiting the damage).

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