How to get a better alexa Rank ?

The Alexa is a best-ranking provider for all websites. Also, all advertising programs are first looking up the site ranking if your rank is better in Alexa then advertisers have come to your site. Mainly many peoples are writing much more valuable topics but uselessly they have not increased their Alexa rank because not writing search engine friendly topics. In a search engine, peoples are searching always some helping topics with some tricks also then if you posting an helping topics with SEO friendly then you will generate much more traffic. Alexa is increasing your rank very speedily if you following some tricks and be careful of your posting topics. Also, Alexa ranking is much more helping a site to get a higher Google page rank. But Google teams are saying that Google page rank is not important but advertisers and some other programs are searching higher Google page rank sites. The Google search engine traffic is the better way to increase your Alexa rank. In this topic, you will be finding some interesting tips that will help your site to increase Alexa rank.

How to get a better alexa Rank ?

Importance of one Month

Mainly some peoples no importance after they have purchased a Domain. But the first time is the last time to increasing anything very speedily. The blog you started using Blogger platform or WordPress platform that is no matter you need importance of the month after your Domain is purchase. You can work smartly for this month then you can getting a valuable result. Today we are seen that some are thinking that WordPress is the best platform over Blogger because of the better design experience using PHP, ASP but in blogger only Java. But this time is not important what your site is decorated now is finding your contents are what much valuable.

Posting Limit

Make a schedule to posting topics and use some manual notes for helping purpose. If you are really interested in increasing your site Alexa rank then no need to go slowly speed up your hand and post much more topics that you can. Before posting any topic first think about your topic title because one valuable title giving you thousand of traffic and responses. Also, add some Interesting headlines and keywords because it’s increasing your topic value.

Decorating Site

Mostly you can decorate your topic headlines using CSS code if you have blogger then read our some Headline design CSS codes. In blogger and WordPress H1 for post tiles then if you change it to H2 then it does not look good. First, add a logo to your site to give a professional look then use some sidebar title background colors like our site. Also, you can decorate your footer design your self but add some CSS codes. Always compress your codes don’t overdrive because it’s decreasing your blog loading time and also decreasing your blogger visitor visiting rate.

Be Active

Always active and update your blog because of in blogging platform there are more chances to increase your Alexa rank. Also, you can add some Alexa widgets in your site to increase your site visibility in Alexa site. Also, you getting much more backlinks from Alexa due to the better ranking. The Alexa mainly updating the site rank and updating backlinks per month then don’t worry about ranking only you need to posting much more contents.
Friends the above headlines are highly recommended for new blogs for getting a better Alexa rank. Then the better Alexa rank means better earning. If you have some doubts related to this topic then kindly ask here to getting a valuable answer.

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