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Google SEO tips

Google SEO is the best way of optimizing your site in an amazing way. I have already posted two Google optimization topic one is Top five Google Seo tips, in this article you will finding the technical tag that’s are much more important to increasing your site SEO. And the second one is How to Optimize site using Google Services, in this topic, you will easily understand the easiest methods to use the Google services for better site optimization. Today we have to go discuss what is the better SEO method to coming from site contents and also some other Google SEO tips. I have converted this topic with a Series because our some readers are requested to getting a best Google SEO tips.

Quality contents for Search engines

Many times many writing topics like these are not any importance and also no one interested to read this topic because of no value of this topic. Take an example of a non-value article if your blog or site is started only for posting health-related tips but you are sometimes posting image posts, this is a non-valuable article if you doing always this thing then a day comes you lose your site SEO and site visitors. Also take an example of a valuable article is if your blog is starting for posting only blogging help related tricks then you are also posting only blogging related tips then you easily know your article value. Always post topics that are helping others because in internet peoples are searching something for helping topics.

Generating unique contents

The unique content basically means for a popular internet search based topic. In Google you can finding some website are coming in the search engine first page and some are coming last page, then first think why they are coming in last page what not first page because of Google considering the contents title, contents, and keywords that you are using in your topic because many times your topic one single keyword will giving you much more traffic and also better site SEO. For writing a unique content firstly visit some site then see which topics are more popular in the sites and also check which topic is more popular in your site then prepare a topic related to the popular topic because this gives you amazing SEO.

Using Tags

All are known that H1 and H2 for best for site post titles but many new bloggers are using H3 tag in post titles, our site already posted a topic how to generate much more traffic from post titles. In the contents you are writing if you using H3 tag then it is better for SEO also you can take an example our site topic headlines these headlines are filly optimize with Google SEO. In our some sub-headlines are coming to our post titles then if you are using H1 tag in your post title then use H2 tag for headlines and H3 tag for sub-headlines because of its giving better SEO and amazing optimization look. Many are also writing some short topics and using much more tags in her topics they are thinking that for adding much more tags they will getting better SEO but don’t think that Google is there to giving you a penalty. For writing, short topics don’t use many tags use one or two tags because it will suffice for a topic getting good amount of SEO.

Add nofollow tag

Now today Google much more strict for giving better traffic for articles because many peoples are using some business links in her articles but they are simply adding the links but going this way Google will penalize your site and decrease your site raking. Our site also posted some topics that how to add nofollow tag to safe Google indexing procedure. Also nofollow tag is much more important for comments because many peoples are their spam comments then if you add nofollow your comment then you will increase your Google SEO. Also if you are interested to adding label tags in your other topics then use the nofollow tag and also add nofollow tag in some RSS directories.
Friends of these above steps are very easy to following and giving your blog safe, better SEO & better traffic. Mainly Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the better engines that you can show your contents they’re and also Google will giving better traffic those websites are fully optimized. Always post better content don’t worry about ranking and traffic because if you writing original contents then the traffic will generating automatically. Readers this post is a part of the Google SEO tips that we have posted in past days. If anyone interested to asking some SEO related problems then you are welcome here.

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