How To Reclaim Website Traffic And Rankings After Website Redesign?

Streamlining the website according to the contemporary capabilities is quite critical for the search engine optimization. But when building a new website for your business, a critical thought to consider is- How you would sustain and upgrade your organic traffic and rankings after redesign?

As soon as you get started with a new website, the panic sets in.

Being a small business owner, a significant drop in organic traffic and rankings mean that you are squandering critical leads and sales.

So, how do you restore and improve your traffic and rankings?

You will first need to have a fair perception of how SEO and website design work individually and whence they work collaboratively.

Here in this article, we will offer you a step-to-step guide to recover and diagnose the weak traffic and rankings in case your website relaunch did not perform as expected.


Sorting Your Information On Track

You just have to follow your usual self first and gather the basic information to start streamlining things on track. You should have-

        Google Analytics

        Google Search Console

        Date of launch

        Website URL

        Historic or alternative URLs

        Historic keyword rankings (if available)

Step 2

Finding The Fault

Browse through Google Analytics and search console and analyze why traffic has been dwindling since the relaunch. What you would want to probe is the time and date of traffic drop since the redesign work started.

The decline could be quite steady & slow and hence you may not bother in the initial stages. In case of big drops, you will find that the worst case scenarios often find fault in the new website design.

Google Search Console and keyword rankings can also be evaluated to help you establish the date when the drop began.

Step 3

Comprehending the Loss

For detailed comprehension of what went wrong, we will need to analyze the-


If you have data related to historical rankings, then download an overview report and find the areas where the positions have suffered a decline. If you do not have historic keywords with you, then there are many SEO tools that can help you provide data for evaluation.

Normally, any site owner will also have an idea of what keywords were ranking for his website before the website redesign. This is not quite accurate; however, this can give you a reasonable idea.

Landing Page Traffic

Next step would be to check the landing page traffic. You can examine before and after traffic in:

Google Analytics: Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

If you are up a few weeks and more since your relaunch, you would definitely want to find a contrast to the period before and after to evaluate which pages were generating the maximum amount of traffic.

You will need to pay a close attention for that because after the redesign the page names would have been changed. Hence you will monitor and identify the pages that ranked and received the highest traffic before and not so much now after the relaunch.

The probable reasons for the failure could be insufficient, irrelevant or no content for the highest traffic securing pages after the redesign. If the content already exists on the new site, the reason for the traffic loss could be a technical problem.

If you have a large site, you can accommodate this information in a spreadsheet and match old and new pages.

Step 4

Recovering the Traffic

Once you have examined and reviewed the common problems, here are some things that you can do-


After the redesign and launch of the website, the first thing you can do is to find missing or misconfigured redirects. When starting with a new site, make sure that you-

          Retain the URLs as same

          Use 301 redirects from the old page to the new page

    Evaluate 10 or so of the highest traffic URLs from the previous site and check if there are proper redirections to the new one by inputting them in the browser.

There are many free tools available in the market that make sure that there is a correct redirection to each one. You can check the headers of each and evaluate if they are not simply 302 temporary redirects.

Once you fix this issue, you will climb back to the original spot.

However, you really have to test the URLs end-to-end in a browser and a crawling tool. Make certain that all URLs works, more to verify the important ones.

Missing Content

As discussed before, sometimes the new website does not have the content that subsisted before. If there is no content, then there is no way that you can rank.

This will take a more manual effort and you will need to ensure that all high traffic content exists and the correct redirects are in position.

Content Revisions

A changed and revised content can also make a great difference. If a page exists and the content was modified without any qualitative review, this will certainly lead to a drop in rankings.

Question yourself, if the new content as good as the old one? Do I need to upgrade my quality or if need to make more changes?

Historic changes

In 2018, many sites found several previous redundancies. Numerous changes to the protocol, domain name, and subdomains were witnessed. There were scenarios were migration was handled well but apparently traffic was kept falling.

After an investigation, the cause was linked to a historic change of domain.

As a new site was launched in 2018, the migration was managed precisely from the old to the new but the developers had no experience of the prior domain and that historic redirect was never put in place.

Make sure you are ready to cope up with such kind of complications. Historic changes and technical issues need to be handled well.

Getting Back on Track…

At iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd, we have handled the worst case scenarios where we have helped our clients recover from even 90% drop in rankings. Our team has been working on the careful website design policies and SEO tactics to ensure that there are no loss of traffic and rankings after relaunch with prior careful testing.


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