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Well, am just a newbie in this blogging world & when I questioned some pro-bloggers on how to increase my blog’s PageRank & traffic, all of them replied with the same answers. The summarized answers were like these-
  • Do Guest Posting
  • Do commenting
  • Do SEO (it was Search Engine Optimization when I Google it)
When I further researched on Google & read some wiki articles on PR, SEO, BLOG & other relative topics, I came to understand that it was great boon to the new blogger. Many of the people don’t know what advantages & disadvantages they suffer after guest posting. So, today am writing this article & I’ll explain you Advantages & Disadvantages of Guest posting. I would like to thank Jeff Goins for his great articles that helped me understand all the topics.


We all are acquaintance with the word Pagerank. PageRank can be called as currency of Google. We use many rank checkers to determine our rank on Google like SEO checker, PR checker, and Alexa rank. Google has its own algorithm for deciding rank of your site. This can be easily understood by the infographic created by me.
Google indexes the web pages by first indexing the home page, then hyperlinks in the home page, then the hyperlinked pages, and then the links in those hyperlinked pages & so on, and the rank of a site depends on this.
Suppose there are two sites 1 & 2. How will Google decide rank for some keyword of both the sites? In the 1st case, the rank of both sites is the same.
In case 2, say site 1 gets a link from site A and site 2 doesn’t. Now, Google is going to rank the site that looks better to it and in this case, Site 1 outranks site 2. The explanation is that when the Google indexes site A, it will get a link of site 1 somewhere in it & then will index site 1 too.
In case 3, say site A decides to give link to site 2 also. Now, both get equal rank Google needs to search for other sites that links to these sites.
There are many other factors that determine the site rank but the PR JUICE is most important of them. Google is able to monitor all the link relation from all sites & that’s what makes it Google.
So the basic conclusion is that whichever site gets the most links from other sites, more are the chances of that site to rank better in Google’s world.
This is called the juice flow. So, you get more juice from that site which already has a lot of juice & the owner is not so thirsty.
Improving your rankings is all about getting right keywords for your site, improving Search engine ranking and getting right kind of links for your site from the PR rich site.
That is what the guest post demands. The author of the article demands link to his/her own blog in the start or the end of the article so that their site get some flow of PR juice & get a better rank from his/her competitors. Even am writing this article for getting a link to my own blog.

Guest Posting

Let us define guest posting in our own words. Guest posting means writing & publishing our own articles on other blog. It is a great way to connect to audiences of other blog. Bloggers do guest posting on other blog to get better rank & traffic and on the other hand, the blogger who allows the guest author to post an article on his blog gets more content & traffic for his own blog at the same time. So, this is beneficial for both of them in some way or the other. According to James Porter, the Search Engine Guru, when it comes to SEO, guest posting on other sites is five times as valuable as creating new content on your own site. Now I’ll tell you the advantages & disadvantages of guest post in detail below.
P.S. – I’m writing the advantages & disadvantages on behalf of the author who gives his article to post on other sites:


Traffic & Rank Increase– The first & foremost thing for which a blogger, a normal blogger, do guest posting is for he wants more traffic for his site and perhaps a better rank in search engine grading. The host blogger must provide a link in the post, usually at starting or ending. Eventually, these backlinks will raise your blog’s rank to the search engines and it will make your blog contents easier to find through Yahoo, Google, and Bing etc. One can take it as an advantage.
More Audience– The other important factor is that your views (in the form of post) will reach to large no. of audience & you’ll get to know more about your pros & cons in writing. Many people will click on the link of your blog to see your blog too, thus you get a direct traffic too. More traffic means more money. You even get more audience from the social networks as the host bloggers are mostly active on these sites and this can even bring you fame.
Better Relations– You gets to make better relations with the host blogger. Much of the conversations among bloggers are done on social networking sites like Facebook. You get many tips from them, also you can learn their way of blogging and this can be even more beneficial for you. By making better friendship to other bloggers, you grow your influence on the social media, which will eventually lead to more subscribers for your blog.


Content– We all know that the main thing on a blog is neither ads nor design but the content. You write content by yourself doing hard work & lots of research on the net with typing hours on your own, and the publisher enjoys the content with lots of traffic plus AdSense Income. We try to write our best article for the others to publish it on his/her blog with a link to our blog. This is purely a disadvantage to the writer.

Now I hope you’d have liked my article. If you have any suggestions for me or other fellow mates do drop them in the comment box below.

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