How to Recover Microsoft Access Database Password With Automated Methods

Summary: In this article, users know about how to recover Microsoft access database password with software. Here users know about how the software works step by step.

Forgot your Microsoft Access database password? Want to unlock an MS MDB file secured with a password by one of your administrator who is no longer in your organization? Is there a manner to crack, break or recover Microsoft MBD Access database password?

How to Recover Microsoft Access Database Password With Automated Methods

Recover Microsoft Access Database Password

Recover Microsoft Access Database Password Without Any Hints

As there is no hint on what password you used to secure MS Access database as well as no intimations on guessing the password too. The only choice we have is to use some password recovery software to crack/restore the password.

Recover MS Access Database Password With Access Password Recovery Tool

Here we’ll use the Access Password Recovery software to restore Microsoft Access database password. This application can rapidly restore passwords for your all Microsoft Access versions database. Follow this guide to restore your forgotten MS Access password effortlessly.

  • Download and install access password recovery software
  • After that, hit on the browse button to select the correct MS Access MDB file that you want to restore password
  • Select the protected MDB file from It respective location and hit on open
  • Now, Access password recovery software will scan and return the original password. Then hit on copy password choice to copy the password.
  • Finally, paste the copied password to recover forgotten password

By doing these steps you can easily recover your Microsoft access password. Without taking time. It is very safe and secure software. It is able to recover multilingual and complicated passwords, Password composed of numbers and special characters or even numeric passwords. Users can recover Access MDB database password in primary format. MDB password recovery tool is a single panel user interface.

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