Stellar Successfully Recovered Files That I Think Were Lost Forever


You think you have lost your files forever, as there is no tool given in the Windows operating system to recover your data, when you delete your files from the recycle bin or when you press Shift & Delete keys together after selecting the files. This blog I write to share with you my experience, which will help you to recover your permanently deleted files from your computer’s storage drive. Read on to know more.

Today, in your Windows 10 PC, you have deleted your files permanently using the ‘Shift-Delete’ keys combination and realized what a blunder you have made. The files you deleted were really important. If you would have deleted your files via the ‘Delete’ key then you could have retrieved your data from the recycle bin. Nonetheless, this is not the case and you wish you could be able to undo the process and get back your deleted files. You thought your files were lost forever. Don’t lose hope, as there exist methods to recover your deleted data.

The Best Recovery Solution

The most trusted method to retrieve the permanently deleted files is to get it restored from the cloud backup. Windows 10 PC provides in-build OneDrive, a cloud storage drive that can be used to synch your files and folders to Microsoft’s server via the Internet.  But, you say the files were not synced to your OneDrive owing to no Internet connectivity. Is there any hope then? Yes, there is. Before knowing how to recover permanently deleted files, aware yourself of the technicalities of file deletion.

Concept of File Deletion

When you delete your files permanently via the shift plus delete keys only the link from the file allocation table is removed and the memory location is freed for future storage; however, the data remains intact in the memory location (sector) where it was stored. The permanently deleted files are not actually deleted, it only became inaccessible by ordinary means.

Permanent File Deletion

Permanently deleted files can actually get erased (subsequently due to usage) if the sector where the deleted data was stored is overwritten. The overwriting replaces the old data with the new one; therefore, no software or any kind of recovery method can get your old data back; it is lost forever.

Precautions for Recovery

The first precaution is to stop using the storage device till you recover your data. Even if you use your storage device for read operations the existing memory location where your deleted files are stored will remain unharmed.  But, you must stop write operations on to the storage drive where the old deleted data is currently residing. Moreover, do not use Windows Disk Error Checking tool as this is used only for recovering data if some of the sectors of the hard drive have gone bad. Also, you should not format your storage drive.

Data Savior Method

The apparently permanent deleted data can be retrieved via professional data recovery software. One such software is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home. The software will help you to recover data from your storage drive. The steps to recover permanently deleted files are as follows:

  • Install the software in a drive location different from the deleted files drive. (For instance, if the deleted data was saved is D: drive then use any other drive for installing the software, such as C: drive.)
  • Run the software, select the files types (such as documents, emails, videos, audios, photos), and choose the drive where the deleted files are located.

  • Scan the drive and save the scanned information.
  • Preview the scanned files and if the deleted files are searched; select it & click the Recover button.
  • Select the drive where the recovered data needs to be saved. It is better to save the data in a different drive location as this will not hamper the recovery process.

After this you are done. You have fix windows corrupted drive and recovered your permanently deleted files.

To summarize

Permanently deleted files can be recovered if the following two conditions are met: first and foremost condition, the drive containing the permanently deleted files are not used, formatted, or overwritten; the second condition, the drive is not checked via error check functionality of Windows. Use the software for recovering data where logical deletion is performed. In case, you need advanced recovery service where your storage device has undergone physical failure, you can by all means contact a super specialist in the field of data recovery.