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YouthDemocracy.Net is a reputable financial portal which provides Business articles, Travel article, entertainment, Fashion, Photography, Technology, Health, investment tools and financial calculators. We accept high quality business and financial articles for free publishing.

Publishing your article at YouthDemocracy.Net can help you present your idea, product, service, scientific experiment or your web site. YouthDemocracy.Net will provide credit for your article:

  • one backlink to your web site from the article (dofollow),
  • your name displayed in the article,
  • showcase of your article on the home page and on the sidebar (while the article is new),
  • link to your article from the selected category.

How to submit an article

YouthDemocracy.Net allows you to easily edit and submit an article with our web platform. Submission is done in two easy steps as described below:

  1. Register at the web site and you will receive a password in your email. Log in with the password.
  2. From the menu select “Posts” \ “Add New” and write your article. .

All articles must meet the following requirements:

  • Must match the topic of
  • At least 350 words and not longer than 3500 words.
  • Unique content (no plagiarism or copy-pasted texts allowed).
  • Quality content – the text must be logical and easily understandable and it must not state false claims.
  • Up to 5 images and figures are allowed per article. It is the author’s judgement whether to use images or not. Maximum allowed size per is 250 Kb per image. All images must be owned by the author (no plagiarism allowed).

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