Tips To Effectively Include a Temporary Job in Your CV

Summer is the perfect time for a seasonal job. Seasonal, freelance or temporary jobs are all good for earning some extra-cash and gaining experience. Nonetheless, when it comes to CV writing, you need to masterfully feature temporary jobs for them to work to your benefit.

The question of whether to include a temporary job in the CV at all depends on the roles you occupied and the job you are applying for. Also, a skillful writer will tell that if you present the job bearing the right keywords, it may benefit your CV’s readability significantly. That’s why looking at CV writing service reviews and cooperating with one of the top-ranked companies is another advantage you can gain competing with other applicants.

Choose What to Include In the CV

Before you include any of the temporary jobs in your CV, ask yourself a series of questions.
Is it a part-time job you’re applying for? When you do, part-time jobs do stand for relevant experience.

Have You Had Any Other Jobs?

Entry-level applicants often don’t have as much experience under their belt. Sometimes, part-time job experience is the only thing they can offer the employer. In this case, including a temporary job, even if it’s irrelevant to the next occupation of choice is acceptable. In any circumstances, the skills applied at such job will translate into some experience.

How Does the Temporary Job Relate to Your Career Objectives?

The initial part of the CV includes a personal statement with the list of career goals or career objectives. This is how the hirer will assess your enthusiasm and potential development. If the career goals were translated into the previous job tasks and achievements, then including it in the CV would show your competence. The skills learned at the temporary job may also reflect your great career plan. This helps the hirer see you as a continuous worker.

What Was The Purpose Of The Job?

The job worth is not only in the money earned. If you occupied two jobs in one field, one being more profitable you need to include it in the CV to count as more experience and expertise. If the job occupied supported you financially, though failed to relate to your career goals, exclude this part of your working life from the CV.

Have You Occupied the Job Long?

They say that nothing is more permanent than temporary. You may have occupied a part-time job while doing some volunteer work and pursuing your dream, but it paid the bills. The job that you did for years is worth mentioning due to the skills you have learned and work issues you have dealt with. The fact that you stayed at one job long enough shows loyally and dependability.

Where to Include The Part-Time Job?

Part-time jobs include volunteering and consulting. There are special sections in the resume to include these.

Work history is often listed in the reverse chronological order, with the last occupied job being at the top. You could categorize the jobs into two sections with the relevant jobs at the top and other jobs at the bottom. Possible names for such categories are Related Experience and Additional Experience.

Think Twice

Before including the job of a bartender while applying for an accountant position, consider the consequences. Everything that you put in the CV can and will be used either for your benefit or against you.

If you chose to list the temporary job, choose the words wisely. If it is work-related, think of appropriate keywords to best demonstrate your competence and accomplishments. If it’s not relevant to the job you’re after, just list the basic details (job title, company name, date).

Any job that you previously did can play to your benefit. Just respond to the job requirements and choose the right words to describe your willingness to grow as a professional.

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