Tips to make your readers to revisit your blog

Tips to make your readers to revisit your blog
Readers are just like seasonal birds if they are not enjoying the atmosphere of your blog they will fly away in search of another blog. If you want your readers to revisit your blog, again and again, it’s your responsibility to give them what they want. Make your readers feel that they are on the perfect blog. Don’t let your readers fly away in search of another blog.
We often spend our precious time and money on various marketing tactics to promote on ba log online and offline. Think how it feels when a visitor came to your blog by a search result, referring sites or by any other means then never come back. A good blog need loyal visitors, if you are unable to make your readers to revisit your blog then its difficult to maintain your blog for a long run.

Here are some tips to make your readers to revisit your blog:

Update Frequently:

More frequently you update more visitors your blog will have. Frequent updation will also help your blog to attain high rankings. A dormant blog is of no use, update it at least once a week if it is a well established one. If your blog is in its starting phase it is suggested to update it regularly. Remember more frequently you update more traffic you will have. Have you ever notice the blogs like Mashable, techcrunch etc. They post almost 5-6 articles per day even sometimes more than that, I know they have proffesional writers for this but i want to say that increase your post’s frequency as much as you can. You will soon see the effect of this on your blog’s statics.

Fresh Content:

Write about the fresh content and see the difference. Act like a journalist, whenever you heard about a latest update or news about your niche just write it down. Writing fresh content about your blog make your post viral which will give you an immense amount of traffic. More fresh content you post more your readers will trust you. They will come back again and again on your blog in search of fresh content.

Quality Content:

“Content is king,” I think these three words you have read many times but still you can’t ignore this fact. If you are giving quality content to your readers they will surely revisit your blog. Before writing about anything research well about the topic and give your best to write an topic. Offer valuable content to your readers and feel the difference.

Stick to Your Niche:

If you want your readers to revisit your blog again, try to work on your niche more. If you are posting about everything and anything soon you will loose your blog’s readership. Readers prefer to read the blog in which they find the topic they love or like to read but if you are not giving what they want they will not revisit your blog. Even if you regualarly work on a single niche, soon your readers will trust you as an expert of your niche. More you write on your niche more you get perfection which will make your readers to revisit your blog.

Entice Visitors to subscribe:

Make your first time visitor a regular reader by making him/her to subscribe to your newsletter. Offer some free stuffs like customize templates, e-books, video, tutorials and some sort of discounts to entice first time visitor to subscribe to your newsletter. Offer something special for your subscriber so that you can get more and more subscribers which will make readers to revisit your blog.

Simple and Clean Blog Design:

A visitor who just landed on your blog whether by the search result, paid advertising, refferal site or by any traffic source, he/she will first see your blog’s design not your blog’s content. Make sure you have a simple and clean blog design. Give your blog a simple and easy-on-the-eye theme. Choose a reader friendly color scheme and your font size. Avoid pop-up ads and heavy flash content. This can irritate your readers which may make them to leave your blog and never come back again.

Make an Active Community:

People love the blogs which have an active community. If your blog is quiet and there is nothing interesting in your blog then people will not revisit your blog. Try to make an active community around your blog. Make readers to leave their comment to ask them to share views and thoughts, respond to their comment and make your blog an active community which will make readers to revisit your blog.

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