Where to Get a Commercial Loan for Business at a Low Rate?

A commercial loan is an essential aspect in business when you are in need. Adequate funding can make your business grow and prosper. A business loan can help you to satisfy your business needs by getting adequate infrastructure or machinery for your business. Especially when you are a small business, you need capital to buy and maintain your infrastructure. The business loan can be availed by any business operating legally for a required time. The required time can change on the policies decided by the service provider. If you take Bajaj Finserv for instance, your business needs to be only three years old to avail a business loan.

The business loan rates of Bajaj Finserv are lower when compared to other financial service providers. The business loans can be availed by any individuals who need a financial boost to keep his her business running. Bajaj Finserv has provided business loans to many businesses at attractive rates. Here are some features of business loans by Bajaj Finserv that will help you with your quest of finding a commercial loan for business at low rates.

Loans up to 30 Lakhs

The Bajaj Finserv provides a business loan up to 30 Lakhs to all its patrons. This financing rate depends on the type and nature of the business that you have when availing the loan. This business loan can be invested and used for short-term and long-term business needs. The commercial loan by Bajaj Finserv has been helping many businesses to grow and innovate with such high financing rates.

Unsecured Loans

Bajaj Finserv has been providing trouble-free unsecured loans to customers for a long time. There is no need for any collateral that needs to be pledged for availing a commercial loan. Bajaj Finserv doesn’t ask for any guarantors before availing a business loan. The process of availing a business loan only requires basic business and identification documents. Hence the process of availing a loan is much simpler at Bajaj Finserv.

Wide Eligibility Criteria

Bajaj Finserv provides business loans to a wide range of individuals belonging to different regions and age groups. The age criteria for availing a business loan is between 25 and 55 years old. The business that is availing a loan also needs to have an income tax return filed for the past one year. Bajaj Finserv operates from over 50 different cities in India where you can ask for any help regarding the loan policies.

Easy Account Management

The online loan account can be managed from an online custom web portal. The online portal allows the user to keep tabs on the due EMI, tenors, payment transaction details, etc. The user can practically use the online account from anywhere at any time. Hence it becomes easier for the customer to manage his/her loan repayment allowing him/her to focus on their business.

Here are some facts regarding commercial loans by Bajaj Finserv. So, if you are looking for a business loan at lower rates, then Bajaj Finserv has attractive rates which can be beneficial for your business. It also provides pre-approved offers which can give you an instant approval on your loan.

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